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Is Wellness Coaching for me?

Wellness coaches team-up with clients to support important lifestyle changes by co-creating an accountable environment to help clients reach their achievements

Wellness coaches are good for:

  • Individuals wanting to reduce stress, get better sleep, adjust to new medical diagnoses

  • Individuals wanting support as a new parent, accountability for weight loss, gain better work life balance, changing careers, and much more!

Wellness and health coaching is not:

  • Psychotherapy or medical advice

  • Treatment for mental disorders as described by the American Psychological Association DSM

  • A substitute for counseling

  • Someone standing over you making you do anything

Client Responsibility:

  • Ensure you are under the care of a physician

  • Notify your physician or licensed therapist of your participation with a Health and Wellness coach

  • Understand that wellness coaching is comprehensive and may require involvement of all areas of your life such as finances, health, relationships, education, and work

  • All topics of discussion for each session is generated by the client

  • Agree that wellness coaching requires the client to be an active participant

  • Know that hiring a wellness coach means that the client will do things differently, otherwise doing the same thing as before will only give the same results.

Image by Tim Ford
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