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Self-Study Program

Journaling into Self-Awareness and Reflection: A Live Diary Experience

This self-study program has the same benefits as the New Beginnings Wellness Journey. But instead, it will be a journaling experience where we converse through a live diary experience, text-chatting, and email.

What's it like?

You write your thoughts and experiences down on our platform. Helio Heart supports, empathizes, and asks the reflective questions that get you thinking. With work, hopefully you will become more self-aware!

  • you set the goal

  • you do the assignments/put the effort in​

  • you answer questions relevant to you

  • you gain insight into your self!

12 weeks


  • 3 sessions 

    • Initial Session​

    • Progress Check

    • Final Session

    • 30 mins each​

  • Weekly Journaling

    • interactive feedback​

    • chatting

    • email

  • Homework assignments​

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